October 2017
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Journal Spilling - Art Is You
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Posted by: Mary @ 8:57 pm

At Art Is You, the East Coast Art Retreat,  I took an Art Journal Spilling class with Diana Trout and it was awesome! Diana shared so many ideas and techniques with such enthusiasm that everyone went away truly inspired to create. We wrote freehand, tore papers, glued things down, and painted, all in a spontaneous and freeing way. We each carved our own stamp using the Speedball cutting tool and Master Carve blocks and then we stamped in each others journals to leave our mark as a remembrance of the day. Back here at home I am continuing to work in my art journal and find that leaving it out and visible instead of tucked away facilitates progress.

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6 Responses to “Journal Spilling - Art Is You”

  1. Nanc TWoP Says:
    Love the watercolor blending on the ‘INSPIRE’ page :)
  2. marie young Says:
    Sounds like a great retreat! Your journal turned out beautifully. The inclusion of the Dunkin’ Donuts logo is really clever.
  3. Julie Jordan Scott Says:
    I love how the pages are all so different yet all express YOU! I am with Nanc - the watercolor bleeding (which reminds me of tie dye) is particularly lovely.)
  4. Katina Wright Says:
    You are a lucky girl experiencing a workshop with Diana - I would’ve loved to be there. I have her journal spilling book - she’s an inspirational talent. Your journal pages look great. I love all the different elements & ideas. Good idea to leave the journal out as a reminder :-) Kat X
  5. Mary Says:
    Thank you everyone. It was indeed wonderful to take a class with Diana and she inspired everyone to bring their own self to their journal pages. Her book is great and easy to follow if you can’t get to a workshop. These pages are definitely an expression of me, especially the watercolors running together and Dunkin’ Donuts. The journal is one of the new Strathmore Visual Journals.
  6. Kelly Says:
    I love the idea of creating and then stamping in each others journal. What a wonderful rememberance! Great journal pages!