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Artistic Goals and ATC Box
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Posted by: Mary @ 12:39 pm

Living a creative life and making a commitment to Creative Every Day is somewhat of a challenge for me at times. At the same time, through blogging and the blogland creative community I have been much more motivated to experiment and try new things. On Friday during my lunch break at work I came up with some new artistic goals to help keep my focused on my art and creativity. These goals are rather ambitious for me but it is better to set high goals as you will achieve much more than if your goals are low and easily attainable. There is no incentive to stretch yourself if you don’t reach for the stars.

This weekend I painted a new wooden ATC box and then decorated it with scrapbooking paper. My intention for this is to create a new ATC every week and keep them in this box. I already have a plain wooden box which is almost full of ATCs, many from the Vision Journaling Workshop this past winter. The box and the scrapbooking paper are from a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores yesterday. The ATC was hand drawn lightly in pencil first and then colored in with colored pencils and a gel pen. I used my son’s old colored pencils from Middle School and afterwards I found my own colored pencils.

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6 Responses to “Artistic Goals and ATC Box”

  1. leah Says:
    what a beautiful box!! i love it! and those are some great goals to strive for.
  2. nancy t Says:
    What a perfect place to keep your ATCs. It really is lovely! nancy
  3. Katina Wright Says:
    The ATC box is lovely. I’m also finding that the CED challenge is encouraging me to try new things and helping me to focus. I’m very grateful to Leah for this. Your goals sound exciting. I look forward to reading about & seeing your results. Kat :-)
  4. Mary Says:
    Thank you so much everyone! I am learning to paint with acrylics - they sure dry fast! The little box from Joann’s that I found is perfect for ATCs. And Leah is truly getting me inspired and I am grateful. Before it seems I always needed to be taking a class to get motivated. With the CED challenge and seeing what everyone else is doing it makes me want to do things just so I can share.
  5. Ramona Says:
    Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting - I love your ATC box and your art journal page as well! Hugs Ramona
  6. Anne (cornucopia) Says:
    Oooh, I love this box! It’s magical.