October 2017
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Collage Bag Book on Front Porch
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Posted by: Mary @ 5:03 pm

It was such a beautiful day today that I decided to drag some collage supplies out on my front porch and work with my masonite painting board in my lap. Somewhere on the web I remembered seeing a book made of paper lunch bags, so I have been saving Dunkin’ Donuts muffin bags for an occasion like this one. I took 6 bags and folded them in half, nesting them. I measured in about half an inch from the center edge and marked holes down the fold spaced .75 inch apart, then used an awl to make the holes. There was a small ball of variegated chenille yarn in my basket of embroidery threads so I used that to loop in and out of the holes from back to front to make a simple binding. I cut 4 lengths of the yarn spanning the book to be sure it was long enough to make it all the way back and forth. Then I got out a used puzzle I had been saving for collage work and glued some puzzle pieces on alternating pages of the book. Next I used my old typewriter rubber stamp alphabet to stamp some letters and some words. This is just a beginning and I plan to play with and work on my book some more as this has been a lot of fun!

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3 Responses to “Collage Bag Book on Front Porch”

  1. Katina Wright Says:
    I like your paper bag book. I saw this idea a while back too & still haven’t got round to trying it. Your photos make me want to have a go. Only problem is not many places in the UK seem to use these type of brown bags but I’m sure I could adapt the idea. How lovely to have a porch to work in - sounds a wondeful place to create. Kat :-)
  2. stargardener Says:
    Mary: What a wonderful “studio” … Complete with a feline companion. I have never seen a paper bag book! What a clever idea! And puzzle pieces? I love the implication of {putting the pieces together} especially as a re-creAtion. ★
  3. Anne (cornucopia) Says:
    I like how Tangerine is ignoring all of your stuff, like she owns the place!