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Three Muses - Round
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Posted by: Mary @ 8:50 pm

The theme for the challenge at Three Muses this week is round - what a great theme! Perhaps a day late and a dollar short  but I brainstormed with pencil and paper and came up with an idea over lunch at work today. After settling on one particular idea I was able to visualize the piece. It is always exciting to be able to picture something in your mind before starting as well as to give yourself the freedom to change the piece as you work on it. Things don’t always turn out as planned but often they turn out better. If not you can always change tack and try something else. Remember that nothing is cast in stone. The clipart is from Dover Publications and the background started out as a vintage book page from Stampington which was then altered using multiple filters. This is a digital piece created using Gimp photo editing software which is open source software and comparable to Photoshop. This is also my first challenge piece from the MacBook that my wonderful kids gave me for my birthday to replace the 8 year old G4. What a surprise indeed!

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15 Responses to “Three Muses - Round”

  1. Lori Saul Says:
    These are fun images -I like what you did with them- travel in the round!
  2. bev Says:
    We’re honored to be the very first challenge on your new Macbook! Nicely done in the round too! Thanks so much for bringing your talent to our challenge.
  3. Marie Says:
    They don’t make labels like they used to do!! Aren’t vintage labels yummy? I love your circle with all its treasures, Mary. Beautiful work. Thanks so much for joining in the challenge.
  4. Martina Says:
    Excellent, brilliant idea, great collage!!!
  5. taluula Says:
    I love how you’ve layered and overlapped your labels Mary and the colours are really vibrant too …. and a new Mac Book, I’m so jealous.
  6. Anne (cornucopia) Says:
    This looks wonderful, Mary! What a great idea to use the fruit crate labels. I like the layout, and the added summertime words.
  7. JudyNZ Says:
    Splendid piece, Mary, love the labels from Dover & enjoy your Mac Book, I use an iMac, incredible machines!
  8. Hermine Says:
    Its beautiful.
  9. dianne Says:
    Great ’round’ collage. Love the labels.
  10. Louise Says:
    Wonderful piece of artwork… Love the labels…
  11. Yvonne Says:
    Wonderful take on the theme!
  12. faye Says:
    Mary, very nice work. Love the labels. I have an eMac and it’s about 6 years old. I guess that means I need to use it 2 more years and my kids will give me a Mac book.
  13. Eila A. Says:
    What a happy piece you have made, Mary!
  14. Rosie Rowe Says:
    That’s a lovely piece Mary! I really like the vintage ads… and how lovely of your kids! =)
  15. Rosanna Says:
    I love those beautiful, brightly colored vintage labels and they make a great collage within the circle. Fantastic work.