December 2017
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Up, Up and Away
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Posted by: Mary @ 7:33 pm

This week’s theme at Three Muses is Up, Up, and Away. It just so happens that I have already created a Hot Air Balloon quilt that is perfect for this challenge. The hot air balloon pattern came from the PC Piecers web site and my hot air balloon blocks came from a block swap with other quilters on the Internet. The quilt is my own design with the hot air balloons arranged in a random pattern in the sky. The quilt measures 30″ wide x 16″ high and hangs in my kitchen on the long wall over my kitchen table.

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16 Responses to “Up, Up and Away”

  1. Terri @ Pringle Hill Says:
    Perfect entry for this challenge! Absolutely gorgeous! Hugs!
  2. Sandy Says:
    Wow this is truly amazing. Really fantastic quilt. Love them.
  3. Marie Says:
    Mary, your quilt is amazing. What a serendipitous coincidence that you had such a beautiful piece of work to illustrate this week’s theme. I am in awe of anyone who can quilt. Take a bow!!
  4. Hermine Says:
    Great quilt!
  5. Lori Saul Says:
    Very beautiful quilt- what wonderful work!
  6. Bev Says:
    Beautiful! And what a happy reminder of your cyber-friends to have near your table. Creative idea!
  7. dianne Says:
    Very beautiful piece.
  8. Taluula Says:
    Mary I cannot imagine the skill and patience that has gone into making this, and I am in total awe of anyone who can quilt. It is so beautiful. Wonderful.
  9. José Says:
    What a special and beautiful entry!
  10. JudyNZ Says:
    Fabulous quilt, I always envy artists who have infinite patience for quilting! JudyNZ
  11. WildGoose Says:
    Nice quilt-and unique co-op method!
  12. Meikoningin Says:
    Oh wow ! I am always in awe when people make quilts, its just stunning :D
  13. Martina Says:
    This is phenomenal! I am blown away.
  14. Rosie Rowe Says:
    Hi mary! What a treasure you created with all those hot air balloons… makes me want to go travelling, looking down on everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! =)
  15. Anne (cornucopia) Says:
    Oh, this is so cool and fantastic, Mary! All of these balloons are great, and the overall quilt is wonderful.
  16. Janny Says: