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Art Journaling Day
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Posted by: Mary @ 7:53 pm

Today I stayed home and had an art journaling day. It is peaceful to be alone with your thoughts and work in your art journals while listening to music alternating with periods of silence and an occasional trip to the kitchen. My art journals fill a bookshelf now and I keep adding to the growing collection of expressive artwork. They are a chronicle of where I’ve been and how I’ve felt about life’s passing, capturing little moments of time. When I work in my art journals I reach the place inside me where there are no words, only feelings. This is where I remove uncertainty and clarify what I am really feeling and who I am. I also come to terms with things that are troubling me, both here and in my traditional written journals, and can reframe my past in a more positive light.

A new Book of Days Art Journaling class with Effy Wild started on Monday. The theme this session is sovereignty, meaning to take control of your own destiny and life. You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control your reaction to life events and how you deal with them. Having a positive attitude can get you through the most difficult passages in a healthy way. I can’t tell you how much art journaling has helped me to heal and grow over the past 4 years. When I come to the page, I may have an idea of how I want to interpret a theme or prompt, but I never know exactly what I am going to do or how it is going to turn out. It is both enlightening and cathartic to work through your feelings in your art journal. The act of art journaling is considered to be a practice, much like meditation or yoga. Art heals.

This spread speaks for itself: home is where the heart is. I had been uprooted when I came to live in this place and it took some time for it to feel like home. When I first moved in here I hung a small Celtic cross on the opening that separated the living and dining areas and had Father John come over and bless the house. That made me feel better. Over time I added little touches that made it feel more welcoming and I gradually imbued my spirit here. Of course the special people in my life make me feel at home wherever I am. Home is my sanctuary and my safe place, where I can be myself and be at peace.

I also added a sixth layer to one of my canvases today. It has been at least a month since I have touched it and when I walked by the art room today something made me want to add more brush strokes to this canvas. It was one of three started in a Bloom True painting class with Flora Bowley this winter where I discovered that I really love painting on canvas. This is very freeing and brings you to a special place in a spiritual and metaphysical sense.

I am thankful for my creativity and for the freedom to be myself. Every day brings wonder and joy. A long while ago my Sufi friend Mary Pat showed me her path at a time when I had not given much thought to the path I was following in life. She lives at Gobind Sadan in India now and wrote the book Every Day Miracles in the House of God about her experiences there, available as a free PDF. Since then I have been on a long journey, trying to shed what others have told me was true in order to find my own truth and my real self. At this point in time I have come to a better understanding of the things that she taught me during the times we shared before she moved half way across the world.

My favorite song is Pilgrim by Enya with the refrain “Pilgrim it’s a long way to find out who you are…” That song rings so true for me. It’s all about living an authentic life, about being true to yourself especially in the face of adversity, and never losing sight of the reason you are here on this earth. We are all here for a reason and everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand it at the time. Enlightenment comes to those who seek it.

Mary MacIlvain

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