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Art Journaling: Self Care
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Posted by: Mary @ 4:46 pm

I have been art journaling for 4 years and have taken classes with Effy Wild for 2 years now. This spread is from week 5 Book of Days 2014 V2 which is going on now. This doesn’t look anything like the class sample as I like to watch the videos, absorb the ideas and then do my own thing.

My work was rejected from the juried art show last week and that was not really a surprise as it was a traditional, representational art show with very little abstract or groundbreaking work. But it made me question again what I am doing and why I create art. The answer came quickly: I paint and create art for myself. My motivation is to explore what is going on inside of me, to express myself, and to push past my boundaries and explore new ideas. Painting/mixed media/art journaling makes me feel very good inside. It’s a transformational experience for me.

The what am I doing question addresses the fact that for many years I have been immersing myself in a number of groups and running from one to the next, looking for something that is not there. I am not going to find my true creative voice in a group. It is only in introspective time alone that my self can emerge. So I have begun to disentangle myself from the distraction of too many things and am trying to focus on a few things that resonate with me instead of a lot of things that are just not me. My interests have changed and I can’t be everything for everybody. And yes, I am spending more time at home and not running around after work every other night and I am loving it!

Flora Bowley, the wonderful creative I took the painting (and way of life) class with this winter, recently announced on her blog that she is taking a sabbatical. What a great idea! I am not taking a sabbatical but I have been examining the what am I doing question for a long while now and so I am changing it up, letting things go, allowing space in my life to breathe, and being open to new things/people/ideas/fun. And I want to go on record here and say that I love my career job! I work hard, not because I have to, but because I want to. I truly enjoy what I am doing and take great pride in my work. At the end of the day it feels so good to look at what I’ve accomplished. Making art  when I have time at home balances that all out and makes me feel whole.

Mary MacIlvain

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