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Two Totem Quilts
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Posted by: Mary @ 4:30 pm

Today I attended the regional SAQA-CT meeting which was held at the Windham Textile Museum in Willimantic. The Connecticut Region of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) supports and promotes professional fiber artists and teachers as well as quilters working to develop their fine art skills. I was so thrilled when I viewed the Local Color exhibit and discovered that there was a local chapter for the national organization. It is so exciting and inspirational to be a part of a group that is exploring art quilts and pushing the envelope on quilting, taking this art form to a new level. I have both an art background and a quilting background and have been thinking about trying to combine the two, all the while working in somewhat of a vacuum locally with online groups being my main inspiration and support. I have one hand in paint/mixed media and the other hand in fiber/quilts.

These two totem quilts were placed side by side and scaled using Gimp, a free photo editing program, for ease of display. Totem-1 (7″x22″), the wavy piece on the left, was made from decorator samples that I obtained from a friend. I never say no to found fabric! The heavy fabric was free-form cut with scissors, stitched down flat, and then stapled. Totem-2 (8″x24″), the piece on the right, was free-form rotary cut and pieced intuitively, then decorative yarn was arranged and stitched down in place of quilting. I develop a piece as I go along in an intuitive way. I used to plan everything out but I have let go of that to a great extent and prefer to let my muse have her way.

Mary MacIlvain

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