December 2017
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Helen Carlson Nature Sanctuary
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Posted by: Mary @ 6:15 pm

To celebrate the end of the heat wave today, I turned off the A/C, opened all the windows, and moved furniture around! My appetite having returned I spent some time in the kitchen cooking and made meatballs for pasta and a big bowl of fresh salsa. They had bunches of fresh cilantro in the grocery store yesterday and it looked and smelled luscious. Tasted great in the salsa too :-) Later in the day I decided to go to the Helen Carlson Nature Sanctuary and walk through the stillness of the vegetation. I saw frogs jumping and fended off mosquitoes with no bug spray on me. I just can’t stand the feel of that stuff on my skin. The nature sanctuary becomes more overgrown each time I go there so I make my way around the fallen trees on the path. It is very peaceful and serene here.

Yesterday’s blog post with photos from a garden center opened wide my nearly 4 month blogging hiatus and thinking about this made me realize that it is important to me to keep going and share my art and photos here. Right now I am loosely working through Inner Excavation by Liz Lamoreux in a guided study group with Effy Wild. Loosely means I am excavating the present, the here and now, not memories of the past which is more the focus of the book. This book has made me realize how much I love taking photos and I had forgotten that I like to write poetry too, so I want to branch out and incorporate more of these elements in my mixed media work.

Mary MacIlvain

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One Response to “Helen Carlson Nature Sanctuary”

  1. Anne (cornucopia) Says:
    Wonderful photos Mary! I’m glad you got to go enjoy this nature preserve. That heat wave we had was brutal.