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Grow: Word for 2013
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Posted by: Mary @ 8:22 am

Last year my word “be” chose me without question. This year there were several words that fit which led to some brainstorming to arrive at the word “grow” to guide me through the coming year. Grow has a variety of meanings in Merriam-Webster but I would like to talk about the meaning this word has for me.

Grow past limitations and boundaries.

Grow in my creativity and artistic process.

Grow my inner self.

Grow my relationships.

Grow in wisdom.

Grow in strength and courage.

Grow in understanding.

Grow in spirituality.

Grow in self confidence.

Grow into the person who I am.

Grow in self acceptance and self love.

Grow my direction and purpose.

Grow my wings to soar.

Grow in healing.

Grow in truth and authenticity.

Grow in maturity.

Grow in love.

Grow in acceptance.

Grow in change.

My words for 2012, 2011, and 2010 were be, focus, and create. The original concept and nurturing of choosing one little word for the year can be attributed to the inspirational Ali Edwards.

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7 Responses to “Grow: Word for 2013”

  1. sofia Says:
    great word! i have seen grow a couple of times on this blog hop. i hope the year allows you to grow in every direction you desire! xxx
  2. Wendy Poling Says:
    So many possibilities in your word, Mary! I love “grow past limitations and boundaries” - definitely working on that myself. Wishing you many blessings in this new year!
  3. Michelle Reynolds Says:
    Great word with lots of meanings for you, good choice. Have a wonderful year.
  4. becky in burma Says:
    Hoping you grow in all those fabulous ways you listed. It’s a big word + encompasses so much… Thank you for sharing!
  5. Kathie Says:
    The list of wonderful things that come to mind to work with your word of grow is endless and you did such a great job of choosing the best. May you find growth in ways you never dreamed of in 2013!
  6. Janine Whitling Says:
    Wonderful! ‘Grow in self acceptance and self love.’ this is my favorite, so much can be accomplished with this alone. xo
  7. Ursula Says:
    Love this word, Mary!! I try to grow too, every day, at least somehow, in some way!! Good luck with your word for 2013!! You are going to rock it!