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Giving Flight Blog Hop
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Posted by: Mary @ 8:28 pm

in our Giving Flight Blog Hop we are celebrating the 1st anniversary of our coming together via Kelly Rae Roberts’ Flying Lessons: Take Flight. To celebrate, we each chose a way to give back to the world in some way. It makes sense to do this because we have spent a year in this special space, giving to one another. The Flying Lessons Alumni group means a lot to me and is always a source of creative inspiration and friendship.

My choice for giving back to the world is to answer the Call to Artists for Prayer Flags at the Oceanside Museum of Art in Oceanside California. Artists from all over the world are invited to express their prayers and concerns in the OMA Prayer Flag installation at the museum. Each flag is created in the artist’s own style, then hung outside for a while, its words and sentiment dissolving into the wind and being spread to all whom the wind touches.

Here is the Prayer Flag that I am donating to the museum for their installation:

And here is the companion prayer flag that I am keeping at home to remind me and inspire me:

Here is a list of my friends the Flyers who are participating in this blog hop, with links to individual blogs. There are about 400 of us but not everyone has a blog or is able to participate in the blog hop. They are all here in spirit.
Janet Forrest
Cat Athena Louise
Stacey Bockness Curry
Kris Lanae Binsfeld
Renee Burke
Mary Sterk
Michelle Reynolds
Constance Rawlins
Kelly Hoernig
Cindy Jones Lantier
Kathleen Conard
Claudia Dow
Susan M. Walls-Beverly
Linda Barutha
Linda Kinnaman
Cheryl Dossey
Sofia Dabalsa
Jill Lambert
Sally Rose
Ursula Smith
Deborah Eaton
Lori Leissner
Creative Clearinghouse
Lenore Angela
Katharina Star
Rachél Payne
Sherry Richert Belul
Deborah Velasquez
Shannon Etnyre
Live Laugh Love Retreats
Kelley Miller Artworks
Wini Dougall
Carol Bray
Tracy Yarbrough
Diane Enright
Jamie Burch
Mary Cottingham
Susan Dietz
Lori Moon Studio
Kim Hyer
Tina Carlborg
Catherine Pistone
Mary MacIlvain
Carolyn Chenault

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21 Responses to “Giving Flight Blog Hop”

  1. Kris Lanae Binsfeld Says:
    Mary, Your prayer flags are beautiful. What a great way to give back and excellent idea to create one for yourself for a reminder! Love it! Have a fun time hopping! :-) Kris
  2. Rachél Payne Says:
    I love the prayer flags. You have totally made them yours. I feel inspired. Love having you on the hop!
  3. Sally Rose Says:
    I am so impressed with how you chose to honor the theme of giving back! Thanks you for sharing with us.
  4. Stacey M. Curry Says:
    How beautiful!!! they are lucky to have this!!!
  5. Susan Dietz Says:
    I love your prayer flags, what a wonderful way of giving back! Beautiful work:) Xo
  6. Connie Rawlins Says:
    Love your flag! And what a wonderful thing to be doing.
  7. Tracy Yarbrough Says:
    I just discovered prayer flags in the past year or so…love what you did with yours :)
  8. Sherry Richert Belul Says:
    How beautiful your prayer flags are! I love that you are doing this. Wishing you a very happy anniversary! May our year two be every bit as wonderful and full of joy.
  9. Deborah Velasquez Says:
    Prayer Flags, absolutely lovely in message and energy! Happy Anniversary Mary! Happy Hopping and Flying! xoxoxo
  10. janet forrest Says:
    Happy Anniversary, Sistah! GREAT to be flying with you!
  11. Carol Says:
    Mary, love all your art and so glad we’ve connected through our awesome Fly Tribe. There’s an AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids, MI with over 900 quilts on display. I’m hoping to make it over there to see them tomorrow. I’m not a quilter, but I love seeing all the beautiful patterns, designs and colors. Happy anniversary, my friend!
  12. Kathleen Conard Says:
    Mary - your prayer flags are beautiful. No telling how many people will see the one you are donating and be inspired by your beautiful creation. So fun flying with you! xo, Kathleen
  13. Lori Moon Says:
    Your prayer flag is beautiful! Happy Anniversary!
  14. Jamie Burch Says:
    Oh, Mary, your prayer flags are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m honored to be flying in this wonderful tribe with you. Happy Anniversary!!! ((hugs))
  15. wini Says:
    Dear Mary, Happy Anniversary and its great to be flying together with you! I am really inspired by your lovely prayer flags for the museum. What a beautiful way to spread love!! xo
  16. Linda Kinnaman Says:
    Mary ~ I love your prayer flags. Just beautiful! What a nice way to give back. I have thought about making prayer flags too. I will put it on my list of art to do. Good luck in your creative dreams. It is so good to be in such good company with all of these Flyers.
  17. Ursula Smith Says:
    Hi Mary! Wow I can’t believe it has been a year since we joined Flying Lessons and then emailed back and forth finding out our common interests! It has been a great year and I look so forward to many more! PS those quilts are gorgeous and I love the idea of them!!
  18. Carolyn Chenault Says:
    Beautiful prayer flags, especially the extra sea glass you added! So pretty.
  19. Lori Says:
    What a beautiful thing you are doing, Mary! Love it! And so happy to get to know you better. Keep sharing! xoxo L
  20. Lenore Says:
    Hi Mary! Your prayer flags are wonderful! I love quilts and quilting and you’ve done a marvelous job! Happy Anniversary, fly girl!
  21. Anne (Cornucopia) Says:
    These are both lovely and what a wonderful event to be a part of!