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Inspiration Deck
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Posted by: Mary @ 12:32 pm

Some of my friends in the Flying Lessons online art/creative group are swapping inspiration decks which are altered decks of playing cards. Here is a little teaser about the swap on one of my friend’s blogs. The only guideline in creating the deck is that each card should have an inspirational saying. Yesterday I decided to make my own inspiration deck as I was doing some centering work and this seemed like a good channel to elicit positive feelings.

It was an awesome project to work on and I am so pleased with the results. I prepped the cards with gesso first and after that dried I chose acrylic paint in 4 color pairs for each set of 13 cards. Enya was playing on the stereo and I fully absorbed myself into the music while painting, allowing the music to flow through my hand and into the paintbrush. The inspiration quotes are from previous blog posts here, here, and here, as well as other quotes that I had found and saved in a folder (yes I am organized). Holding these cards in my hands and going through them one by one feels so incredible. Now I want to make another deck with fortunes from fortune cookies that I have saved in a small metal tin.

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One Response to “Inspiration Deck”

  1. Anne (Cornucopia) Says:
    Wow, this is a great idea and came out fantastically! I wasn’t sure what it would look like when you told me you bought a pack of cards for this project, but now I see how cool it is.