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Scrapbook Page Design
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Posted by: Mary @ 9:16 pm

A week ago I went to a scrapbooking event and decided to try out some new designs for my scrapbook pages. This is the start of a new scrapbook album of the holidays with family in 2010. Scrapbooking is a way to preserve memories, to chronicle events, and to tell your story. And it’s also a way to express your creativity. I have not been scrapbooking for that long and am still working on developing my own style in this medium.

For these pages, I designed borders to run across the top of the page and give continuity to each spread. A spread is two pages facing each other, i.e. side by side, when you open and look through the album. The titles encapsulate what is going on in the two pages and don’t need further explanation: “Thanksgiving Day Lock Out” and “New Laptop I Want my Internets!” Paper punches were used to add embellishments and corner accents were added to frame the photo collages. The focus is on the photos and the design pulls it all together.

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4 Responses to “Scrapbook Page Design”

  1. Tracy Says:
    Hi Mary! I envy those who do scrapbooking. It’s something I’ve never developed a patience for. The pages look beautiful! Is that a hot pink keyboard? My daughter would love that! I grew up in NH and most of my family resides there. I’ve heard it’s getting ridiculous the amounts of snow you have. I live in NW Ohio and this is the first year we’ve gotten walloped with New England like snow. I love snow. However, there can be too much of a good thing eh? Have a super day!
  2. Katina Wright Says:
    I’ve gone through stages of doing scrapbooking & even used to sell scrap book materials. But I’ve got a bit lazy & haven’t done in a long while. Which is a shame because it is a wonderful way to preserve & celebrate memories. Your spreads are lovely & full of joy. Kat :-)
  3. Julie Jordan Scott Says:
    Oh, I love these scrap book pages. They are awesome. Thank you for posting them and commenting on my blog post about my day of artful productivity. I so appreciate your words!
  4. Anne (cornucopia) Says:
    This is so festive and cheerful Mary!