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Snow Tunnels
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Posted by: Mary @ 10:06 pm

We got another 14 inches of snow Wednesday night and we have so much snow now that we don’t know what to do with it all. At over 40 inches (101 cm) of snow we’ve broken the 100 year record for snowfall in January. Getting out of a driveway when you can’t see over the snow tunnel is hazardous at best, and I have to back out of mine. It certainly is an adventure venturing forth!

Walking down the sidewalk tunnels makes me feel like a little kid again as the snow is 4 to 5 feet high in some places. It is kind of fun when you get past the difficulty of maneuvering and the constant pain in your back, arms, and hands from all the shoveling. When it warms up above freezing the snow tunnels start caving in, so you have to keep shoveling to keep the path clear. This reminds me of the old New England story my father used to tell of how he used to walk uphill 5 miles in waist deep snow to get to school.

Creative posts will be coming soon. I did get out to a local scrapbooking event last night and had fun creating pages with my holiday photos, using a different approach to my pages for this new album. And I finished a long term project last weekend - a small crazy quilt memorabilia piece with photos of my children on fabric.

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5 Responses to “Snow Tunnels”

  1. aimee Says:
    I’m inside our snow tunnels waving to you in yours! I like your photos of this historic winter. More’s on the way this week for us, you too?
  2. Martha Marshall Says:
    Mary, I will never again complain about snow and ice. But it is pretty! Try to stay warm. Martha
  3. Anne (cornucopia) Says:
    Hi Mary! I know what you mean about the sore back, arms, etc. This latest round with an ice storm down here is still not the end. Now they say snow Sat and next Tue/Wed. I like the picture with the shadow on the door. Very cool!
  4. Katina Wright Says:
    Wow, that is a lot of snow. It looks so beautiful but I guess it isn’t very practical. Hope you’re managing to stay warm & cosy. Kat X
  5. Kim Nixon Says:
    WOW! You got snow! Way more than we have in the Upper Peninsula.