January 2013
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Luminance at the Cranberry Bog
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Posted by: Mary @ 5:15 pm

I went to the cranberry bog today to try out my new hiking boots and be present to nature. We have been closed in with fog most of the weekend but the sun came out mid-day so I threw my camera and small sketchbook in my backpack and headed out. The first boardwalk was slippery but that didn’t stop me from continuing down the trail. When I reach the area near the beaver house it always feels like I have entered nature’s sanctuary. There is never anyone here because it is not on the map, no one knows about it except for a few local people, and the trail is no longer maintained. There is a special wildness and serenity to this place as it is rarely touched by human footsteps. The only sound is an occasional call from a water bird breaking the silence.

Every time I come here I discover something new and try to capture that with my camera and sketchbook. Today I found luminance that bordered on ethereal. It was awesome and magical the way the light reflected off the soft ice creating a wonderful effect of interspersed light, shadow, and reflection. It turned out to be a precious, fleeting moment of impermanence as the clouds moved back in while I was exploring my surroundings. It made me realize how important it is to be present to and aware of what is happening around you or you may miss something that could make a difference in your life.

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Grow: Word for 2013
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Posted by: Mary @ 8:22 am

Last year my word “be” chose me without question. This year there were several words that fit which led to some brainstorming to arrive at the word “grow” to guide me through the coming year. Grow has a variety of meanings in Merriam-Webster but I would like to talk about the meaning this word has for me.

Grow past limitations and boundaries.

Grow in my creativity and artistic process.

Grow my inner self.

Grow my relationships.

Grow in wisdom.

Grow in strength and courage.

Grow in understanding.

Grow in spirituality.

Grow in self confidence.

Grow into the person who I am.

Grow in self acceptance and self love.

Grow my direction and purpose.

Grow my wings to soar.

Grow in healing.

Grow in truth and authenticity.

Grow in maturity.

Grow in love.

Grow in acceptance.

Grow in change.

My words for 2012, 2011, and 2010 were be, focus, and create. The original concept and nurturing of choosing one little word for the year can be attributed to the inspirational Ali Edwards.

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