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Top 10 Creative Artist Blogs
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Posted by: Mary @ 2:03 pm

Here is a list of my top 10 creative artist blogs that I’d like to share with you, listed in no particular order. These friends never cease to inspire or amaze and always get me going when I need a break from my own art explorations or daily life. Enjoy!

Dirty Footprints Studio for amazing art journaling workshops and thoughtful insight on life

Ali Edwards where scrapbooking is shared life art inspiration

Journal Artista for live Ustream art journaling demo inspiration and technique magic

True North Arts for shared stories and creatively inspiring with guidance and direction

Jamie Ridler Studios for full moon dream boards for discovery

An Artist’s Journal for weathered paper collages and sharing every day life

Expressive Hart for patient teaching and creative sharing

Creative Potager for writing, photography, and painting that inspires

Wright Story for creative writing and TIC TOCC challenge

Anne’s Creative Cornucopia for inspiring digital collage from my sister :-)

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Enchanting Little Booklet
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Posted by: Mary @ 3:44 pm

The 21 Secrets workshops continue to amaze and delight! This time I made a little booklet from Silky Hart’s Paint Writing class. There were problems with the pen nib not working when I switched from ink to tinted gouache, so I improvised and used a chopstick to draw shapes and then enhanced the drawing with colored pencil details. I will do some ink writing of special sayings in the little booklet later on as I couldn’t wait to see what it would look like. It was so easy and wonderful to assemble the booklet and it is like a small treasure in the palm of your hand. Enchanting!

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Footprints Painting
Filed under: General, Mixed Media, Painting, Creativity, Inspiration, Creative Every Day
Posted by: Mary @ 2:17 pm

This didn’t start out to be the footprints painting. It started out as a loose watercolor scene from my imagination of a sunset over rolling hills typical of New England. The painting has been leaning against the wall unfinished for quite some time now, set aside until I could decide what to do next. Yesterday while art journaling I decided to cover the large purple mass in the middle area with white gesso. This morning some ultramarine blue followed by a touch of payne’s gray added a tint to the white area. When I got back from church today I was inspired to write the Footprints story in undulating lines in the light area. This is a technique I have seen in Somerset magazines and have long wanted to do. Now the painting has take on a life of its own and is finished because the painting expresses what I want it to say.

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Inspiration Tags
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Posted by: Mary @ 1:56 pm

Last week I made some little inspiration tags to hang on the wall next to my desk. My scrapbooking tag punch [1.75″ x 2.75″] was used for the shape and scraps of leftover scrapbook paper were torn and glued down collage fashion. Positive words for encouragement were written on each tag and sequins and star punch details were fun additions too. A 1/4″ hole punch and a piece of ribbon to weave through 3 or 4 tags for hanging completed this simple project. Enjoy!

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